February 26, 2008

Quick Facts

Fact: Trader Joe's sells wine
Fact: Trader Joe's sells wine OTHER than two buck chuck
Fact: Plenty of this wine is good
Fact: Some of this wine is bad
Fact: Some is downright abysmal

Now, this is where we come in... we drink wine. Lots of wine. Probably more than our fair share. And we're okay with that.

Trader Joe's doesn't carry the best wine in the world, nor do they have the largest selection or even the best prices. But, they do stock a solid selection of wines, a number of exclusives and plenty of inexpensive options all while managing to keep the choices relatively consistent from store to store. Here we'll try to separate the good from the bad from ugly and keep you (and ourselves) from having to worry about which wine is worth your money next time you're aimlessly pondering the wine selection at your neighborhood Trader Joe's.


  1. I buy a lot of wine at Trader Joe's, but am intimated by the sea of unfamiliar labels. So I tend to stick with the tried and true. Your reviews will help me separate the wheat from the chaff and hopefully discover some great new wines! Thanks.

  2. Midge, so glad to hear you enjoy the site.