March 20, 2008

2006 Chalk Creek Petite Sirah - $5.99

I know the bottle looks empty in the picture. I assure you, that was a mistake. Right off the bat this wine was way too sweet and jammy. Apparently it sat around long enough after that first night that we thought to give it another whirl. Was it better? Yeah, a little bit. Was it good? No, not so much. Don't let the cutesy label and low price fool you. This wine is not worth $6. If you're dying for a Petite Sirah, head for the $10 bottle from Bogle sitting a shelf or two to the north.

thumbs down - 1.5/5


  1. Bogle Petit Sirah rocks my world.

  2. Agreed. Bogle is a rock solid option for Petite Sirah and is available at most Trader Joe's I've visited for around $10.