April 15, 2009

2007 R.C.T.J.W.F Sauvignon Blanc - $4.99

A big nose, full of tropical melon and passionfruit. Nice weight and initial mouthfeel. Extremely acidic with much less flavor than the nose leads you to think. Even with just 12.9% alcohol, there's still a bit of bite to the finish. For $5, this smells great, but it's not enough to get me coming back to drink it.

thumbs down - 77

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  1. I have a glass of RCTJWF Sauvignon Blanc in front of me. The taste reminds me of a wine I tried many years ago, also from a Paso Robles winery. That wine was white, and almost sweet. It was called Malvasia Bianca. Could Familia Nueva Vinyards have some of the same vines that were used for Malvasia Bianca?