May 6, 2009

2007 La Loggia Barbera D'Alba - $6.99

My theory is that the whole "when in Rome" concept works a bit differently when it comes to Italian wines. Rather that go right to an Italian wine whenever you're having pizza or pasta, save it for when you're actually in Rome. I've had plenty of good Italian red wines, but they never seem to stand out in a crowd.

This wine is no different. Drinkable - yes. Enjoyable - yes. Going back for more and more because I can't get enough - no.

thumbs down - 82


  1. I had this with shellfish steamed over linguine. The pasta was tossed with fresh basil pesto and sundried tomatoes and a little spice. This wine went well with the food and was light and drinkable on its own.

  2. I disagree with the overall sentiment, which seems negative or at least nonplussed. At $6.99 a bottle, I find this to be a lot of bang for not much buck. While admittedly not the most remarkable wine, it is delicious and perhaps one of the most balanced selections that TJs offers at this price range.

  3. Kevin, have you tried the Archero Nero d' Avola. It's a bit cheaper and, for me, just as enjoyable.

  4. I agree with your review. It is not bad, but it is a Barbera d' Alba that drinks like a table wine.

  5. I just had it with a pork tenderloin and it was quite nice.
    I'd certainly purchase more - this was a gift.
    What I truly like is that unlike many wins and of all price range..this one did not have an after taste !!