August 30, 2009

2007 Epicuro Aglianico - $5.99

Tart. Funky. Blackberry. Nose like a barnyard. Not bad enough to put down. Not good enough to go back for a refill. Though others have raved of previous vintages, this one's not for me.

thumbs down - 70


  1. I've had other vintages of this and loved it. But I suspect our tastes in wine differ.

    Fred McTaggart

  2. Funky is good, tart shows it has some acidity so it will go well with food. For 5.99 its the best Aglianico to can buy. Most are three times as much and are much funkier, but a lot of us like the earthy spice. That's what makes it Aglianico!

    Try it and see for yourself. The person who didn't like it should stick with fruit ball wines of California.

  3. I bought this today and am sipping on it. It is funky and surprisingly tart and sweet. Wouldn't buy it again.

  4. This is the only Aglianico I've ever tasted. It isn't bad, but you certainly wouldn't want to make a steady diet of this one.
    Epicuro does make a very good Nero d' Avola (also carried at Trader Joes. That's a keeper.

    I'm glad I found your site. I'm a big fan of Trader Joe's wine, but now have relocated and depend on friends bringing care packages.

  5. Tom, glad you've found the site too. Get those friends to give it a read and send some care packages full of delicious wine!