December 30, 2009

2006 Nerelo Del Bastardo - $7.99

My second bottle of this is gone and I have nothing to report. The first bottle got taken down by some friends for tacos & game night while I was out of town... their consensus: delicious. I snuck a taste of the second bottle before it disappeared, but didn't take careful note... my consensus: forgettable. Sounds like wine roulette to me. Suggestion: buy as gift, sneak a taste, buy another if you like it.

thumbs down


  1. I'm actually a huge fan of this wine, but I've probably been lucky. It's a "cutting room floor" blend using generally high quality varietals (separated, they go into far more expensive bottles), but such blends obviously yeild varying results.

  2. This wine is fantastic...what bottles are you pulling off the shelf???

  3. Gigi, I guess I've just missed getting the right bottle. Looks like Trader Joe's is still carrying this, so perhaps I'll give it another try.

  4. Kevin, I don't think you've been lucky. I've had this wine many times and have a case or two tucked away in the cellar. In my view, it is delicious, well balanced and one of the best bargains in wine anywhere. It has very strong Nebbiolo fruit--something that's very difficult to find in a wine under $20 a bottle. Barolos, Barbarescos, Gattinaras and Spannas are all very expensive, and I always find Nebbiolo d'Alba and Langhe Nebbiolo to be a bit gutless in approach.

    You can find my notes of Nerello di Bastardo at my blog ( I have still several bottles of the 1999, 2000 and 2002, which are all drinking nicely. My favorite is the 1999. I also have tried the 2006, which probably has less Nebbiolo and more Sangiovese than previous bottlings, but it is very good.

    Fred McTaggart

  5. I hate this wine and I love this wine - doesn't mean to imply I am a swing vote. Just means that this wine has massive consistency issues.

    When it is on, I absolutely love it and it is as good as any $20 bottle of full-bodied, robust and black-cherried Italian red that you will find.

    And other times, I pour it back into the bottle after the first sip and use it for a redwine reduction with my next venison or beef roast.

    Bernd Lucks

  6. I absolutely LOVE this wine!!! It has great full body personality, without feeling overly dry in the mouth or heavy. A great sipper with cheese and crusty bread, with a steak or pasta dinner.