December 7, 2009

2009 La Finca Malbec - $3.99

Swirl as I might, I get absolutely nothing on the nose. Mellow, slightly tannic taste of beets and plum. Could probably use more decanting than the two hours I gave it. Serviceable, especially for a $4 wine, but you can do better.

thumbs down - 73


  1. I actually enjoyed this one very much. It's the perfect anti-Cabernet: very very fruity without any palpable tannins. A wonderful wine for summer, and great base for sangria!!

  2. I loved this wine. It was recommended by a friend and when we went back for more, some guy had already come by and bought it all up. After calling SEVERAL locations, we each were finally able to get a case. After I mentioned to the wine steward (who was also helping someone else) about how hard it was to find, several people started grabbing bottles off the shelf for themselves.