April 23, 2009

2006 Three Knights Merlot - $6.99

Deeeelicious. Tight nose with some hints of black fruit. Little bit peppery with a juicy berry flavor. Fantastic merlot!

Word on the street is that Three Knights is some big name, $15/bottle, Russian River Merlot that's been bottled under the Three Knights label and reduced in price to get rid of excess inventory. Fine by me, I'll take three.

edit 8.28.09: Have had a few bottles since the my initial post and it hasn't quite seemed up to the 90 point score I gave.

thumbs up - 90 88


  1. I bought this wine today, can't complain. Though 90 points seems rather ambitious.

    Thanks for the great blog, TJ's should be paying you.

  2. I've actually had a few more bottles after that first taste and would have to agree that it's not up to 90 point standards. Still a slam dunk at $7 though. Post adjusted accordingly.

  3. I think I'd put it a more of an 80 to 85 myself, which is perfectly drinkable. FYI, I quoted your review of it on my blog today.