April 24, 2009

2007 La Ferme Julien Côtes Du Luberon - $5.99

Nose to light for my liking. I sniff and I sniff and I get nothing. Shouldn't have to work this hard for the nose, but it gets worse in the mouth and I see where this is going. Watery with barely noticeable hints of apples. Very little overall flavor... like what I imagine generic 10 calorie apple juice would be.

thumbs down - 68


  1. the 2008 is even worse. totally agree about the 10 calorie apple juice comment!

  2. I would have to really disagree - I've had these past recent vintages of the white, red and rose that TJ has been offering as an exclusive. The wines are right in line with what the Perrin family produces. (their supplier on the La Ferme Julien line up). They are well made and an absolute steal at $5.99 in the markets with aggressive pricing (California and Illinois that I've bought them in). Unfortunately here in Ohio thanks to our horrible distribution system TJ runs them at $7.49. Out of the bunch I would say the red is the strongest but all three show what they should be based on the usual blends. Sourced from the Perrin's La Vielle Ferme line but offered through TJ for a couple bucks less it's hard to go wrong. The La Vielle Ferme site shows a rough mix of Grenache Blanc, Bourbelenc, Ugni Blanc and Roussanne...probably not far off on the TJ blend. True, family produced wine, good people and even on their LVF line the vast majority if not all I recall is biodynamic..I had the pleasure of visiting the property as well as their flagship of Chateau Beaucastel a number of years ago. Fun stuff really... :)