August 10, 2009

2006 Aquila D'oro Toscana - $3.99

Another endcap disaster. I snagged this from below the shiny display on my way to a family vacation thinking it was the Archero Nero d'Avola that I'd enjoyed a number of times before. Not the case. Acidic, lackluster, all around unenjoyable.

thumbs down - 68


  1. Dude totally agree that this wine sucked. Awful. You gotta stay away from the endcap...very rarely is there something decent there. If TJ's wants to move it aggressively it means that they have a lot of it...and that means that someone else passed on it.

  2. Okay, so it's now 2013 and we just opened a bottle of this 2006 wine. Frickkin' delightful!! I mean, if TJ's still had it, I'd buy a case!!!! It's SO smooth and lovely. Must of needed some serious aging!

  3. Totally agree with mizsuzee. It's 2014 and it's pretty darn good for costing just $3.99. Much better than we had expected.