August 7, 2009

2007 Louis Vergé Morgon "Les Pierres Fines" - $5.99

Light color, tight nose bitter/acidic/lightly tannic taste. A bargain for sure, but there's a price to be paid.

thumbs down - 70


  1. Why thumbs down? Is it because it's past its prime? What is the "price to be paid?"

  2. I'd written that review with the thinking that this was a $3.99 bottle, and any wine at that price is a bargain. Sometimes you find a gem of a bargain wine, but that wasn't the case here. After realizing this was instead $5.99, I was even more put off. Thumbs down because for whatever reason, I just didn't enjoy this one.

  3. it's not bad for a beaujolais-region light-drinking red... there are hints of the berry and cassis notes, but it didn't gamay-me like some $10-ish beaujolais village wines that are famous for their light fruit. upon seeing the morgon on the label, i was hoping for better, but i can't complain too much given the $5.99 price tag. i'd probably go for the $7.99 duboeuf beaujolais villages or the $12 duboeuf morgon.
    i'll give it an 80/100