February 1, 2010

2008 Panilonco Merlot/Malbec - $3.99

It could just be the tumbler glass out of which I'm drinking, but this wine is deceptively thick in color. On the nose, heaps of blackberry jump right out. In the mouth though, the cheapness comes through. It's sloppy, disjointed and completely unexciting.

60% Merlot, 40% Malbec.

thumbs down - 70


  1. curious to know what you think of this brand's carmenere -- I like it better than the merlot/malbec.

  2. I've had it on a few different occasions, but never when I'm in reviewing mindset. I'll try and pickup a bottle and give it some thought.

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  4. Delicious! and such a deal. The '08 is no longer stocked but the '09 is just as good. Beats $9.99 Dynamite Merlot and matches Rodney Strong Sonoma Merlot $13.99