April 14, 2010

NV Castillo De Fuendeyalon Oak Aged Red Wine - $15.99

I've been seeing a large variety of boxed wine at Trader Joe's lately and this blended Spanish red caught my eye. The price works out to be $4 per bottle, and with the extended shelf life a boxed wine provides, I had little to lose.

For an oak aged red, this wine was particularly light. Light nose, light taste, light finish... just light all around. It drank well day one and was still drinking well after 10 days. There was certainly nothing extraordinary about this wine, but the mellow drinkability and long life swayed me.

I particularly appreciated the details provided on the box:

75% Grenache, 25% Tempranillo

Harvest: Second week of September

Wine Making: Traditional method, maceration with its skins during six days at 24 C. after a deposit-maturing period the wine is aged in american oak casks for three months.

thumbs up - 80


  1. No sign of boxed wines yet in my part of the Bay Area. I've been waiting for boxes to make a comeback. They make a lot of sense for those with one glass per night habits.

  2. Dave, I've actually seen quite a few in the Portland area Trader Joe's. I'll be sure and pick up a few more to review on my next visit.