March 11, 2012

2010 Eco Vino Chardonnay - $12

1.5 liters of rich golden colored Chardonnay with a mellow, rounded flavor that's not too buttery and finishes pleasantly. Alas, it's a bit ho-hum. Nothing exciting, but a nice value and would make for a fine party wine.

thumbs up - 82


  1. Unfortunately, the same ho-hum has to be said for the Eco-Vino cabernet. Actually it's worse than ho-hum. With Columbia Crest cab and Red Diamond cab selling for $8 a bottle or less, it's clear that taste wins out over eco-friendly

  2. Wine in a plastic bag is more eco-friendly than wine in a glass bottle??

  3. How ironic that they put the eco wine in plastic!